Our hope that this company can be a mutually beneficial partner of your company, and developed according to the demands evolve with the times.

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We recently moved offices from the 7th floor to the 5th floor of the Wirausaha Building. With a more spacious and comfortable to meet the demands of companies in need of service to our partners.
With management under one roof will always be easier to control and coordinate a team of workers and business partners.


Tax Consulting

Prior to the demise of a prominent giant in the public accountant profession, the premium market for tax advisory services, such as the multinational companies, the prominent national corporations, etc, have been dominated by providers associated with the Big 4 accounting firms. However, the demise a certain public accounting profession giant has rendered their “integrity” and “independence” labels to be.

Tour & Travel

Wifa Travel is a travel agency Umroh, Hajj, and Tourism that is managed professionally, by prioritizing on the quality of service in accordance with the budget you have.

RB Business Data Consulting & Technology

We provide services & infrastructures to ensure you to:

  1. Simplify process in collecting, integrating & analyzing business data for tax report.
  2. Read the business/tax report real time from different servers & digital platforms.
  3. Accelerate data processing & data analysis capability with powerful backend technology. 



Marketplace is the first e-commerce in Indonesia that combines onlineshop, e-catalog, and tour & travel. It is expected that all will facilitate the fulfillment of shopping needs both individually and corporate.

Guard Services

PT PRIMA TANGGUH SOLUSI is a company engaged in security services. we understand the concerns of individuals in the business and private sectors who need protection services. Therefore, we provide several security services: VIP Protection Services,  Special Event Security, Plantation Safeguards, Mining & Factory Security.



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Wirausaha Building 5th floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C5 Jakarta 12940 Indonesia
Telp. : +62 21 521 3590, Fax. : +62 21 521 3591

+62 21 521 3590

Wirausaha Building 5th floor

M-F: 8am-4:30pm, S-S: Closed